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  • What is TCO
    TCO is "The Camp Out" We create and host epic events for young Jewish adults. We have no agenda. We just seek to provide an epic weekend, party, shabbaton, and experience for everyone involved, no matter the background. When you come to our events, we take care of A-Y, all you gotta do is show up and be ready to party. The missing Z is on you; Tent, Sleeping Stuff, Snacks, and Party Favors.
  • Is it kosher? Shomer Shabbat?
    Yes and yes. All our trips are fully glatt kosher and shomer shabbat. That being said, we welcome all types of jews with open arms. If you are not shomer shabbat yourself, we still absolutely love you. We only ask that you do your best to respect the enviornment we are trying to create, and those that are shomer shabbos around you. If you need to use your phone or other electronics, we ask that you do so in private.
  • What age group is this for? What kind of people come?
    Young Jewish adults ages 21-35 Mainly singles and young couples! As much as we love jews of all ages, our trips are mainly built for young couples, and single young jewish adults ages 21-31 We are working on adding more programs to be able to accommodate diffrent age groups and families soon!
  • More Questions? Questions about a specific event?
    Go ahead and click on the chat bar below! We will respond ASAP!
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