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TCO Camping Shabbat Information

Welcome, everyone! Very excited for the weekend!!! Below is vital information. PLEASE READ FULL MESSAGE In addition, most of you coming only know a few people coming, so BE FRIENDLY, introduce yourself, and get drunk like it’s shana alef. Make sure you take a shot with me. Those are rules, not request. 

Shabbat will be at a beautiful campground in NJ. The address is in the email you received at checkout.

There will be electricity, running water, bathrooms/showers, and hot cholent! (This is more Glamping than Camping)

Shabbat is all-inclusive, you do not need to bring anything. All you gotta do is show up (and bring a sleeping bag)

(Although we do encourage everyone to bring Alcohol)

Ticket includes:

  • Campground Stay from Friday - Sunday Morning

  • All Shabbat Meals

  • Alcohol

  • Water / Coffee / Tea / Drinks

  • Big Kiddush

  • BBQ Saturday Night

  • Tents

  • Snacks


  • We will be following the campground guidelines in regards to Corona. 

  • We will be taking our own steps to ensure cleanliness and disinfection. 

  • Please bring a mask - since we will be outside 100% of the time, we will not be requiring people to wear masks, although everyone is welcome to.

  • If you have recently come into contact with anyone who has Corona or are not feeling well, please stay home for the safety of others.  

  • We will do our best to provide hand sanitizer, but we recommend everyone who wants to bring their own.

Packing list and more info Information: 


  • We will be organizing all the food, utensils, tents, s’mores, and other camping whatnot - if you have things you want to bring; snacks, gizmos, or gadgets (all encouraged), go for it!

  • Just so everyone knows what their payment for the weekend includes: stay at the campground, tents (for those who don’t have), Water, Friday night meal, Breakfast Shabbat morning, kiddish, Shabbat lunch, snacks, Sudat Shlishit, bbq Motzeh Shabbat, light breakfast Sunday morning, and alcohol. And yes, BH there WILL BE hot water, coffee, tea, sugar, milk, etc.

  • Although alcohol is provided it is limited but, the more alcohol we have the better. Soooo: BRING MORE ALCOHOL. BEER, WINE, SCOTCH, VODKA, TEQUILLA, JUNGLE JUICE, ABSINTHE - whatever it is, just bring it. Everyone bring a bottle or case of something, or a barrel. We’ll swim in alcohol. JUST MAKE SURE WHATEVER YOU BRING IS CERTIFIED KOSHER (any questions on this message me)

  • This campground has showers, bathrooms, outlets, running water, and a convenience store with everything you could's almost glamping (bring towels if you plan to shower)

  • We will have a few campsites near each other that we will be sleeping on, and one large one for eating/chilling/drinking/shabbating/etc 

  • There will be plenty of tent space. Yes, we are all sleeping in tents. ”Officially” there will be tents for the ladies and tents for the men - If you are married, a couple, looking to get funky, or just met on tinder, Jswipe, or the train and would like your own private tent please PM me ASAP.

  • IT CAN GET CHILLY AT NIGHT, sometimes it does not but just in case, bring warm clothing.

  • If you have a sleeping bag bring it. If not, steal one. If you can’t steal one, bring blankets, pillows, and a yoga mat if you have. If you don’t have any of that and failed to steal something, find a cuddle buddy to keep you warm or just get drunk enough that it doesn’t matter. 

  • If you have your own tent, I highly encourage you to bring it, if you have a flashlight, little lamp, bug spray (emphasis on the bring bug spray), camping chairs, games, or any related camping gizmos I encourage you to bring them along. 

  • The Campground has basketball courts, baseball fields, a lake for swimming, as well as a brand new pool that will hopefully be open for the weekend and more, pack accordingly. 

  • Dress-wise, wear whatever you want but remember it is Shabbat and it’s in the “Forrest”, so it’s up to you - it’s a no-judgment zone - unless what you’re wearing is ugly, then we’ll judge you. I DO recommend leggings or pants. I DO NOT recommend a suit or anything heavy. I do recommend closed-toed shoes or boots. I wear boots.

  • It’s about a 1.5 - 3 hour drive on Friday (traffic depending)  from the city and queens depending on when you leave, so be mindful. 

  • PSA This is meant to be a shomer Shabbat trip; if you aren’t about that life, we still love you! 💞 but please try and be respectful and do what you need to do in private! Message me with any concerns!

  • If you plan to stay till Sunday, there are hikes nearby and even a nice water hike, so bring appropriate attire for this. If not, you are more than welcome to leave Saturday night. Your call!

  • make sure to bring your own Siddur!!!! <- VERY IMPORTANT

  • PSA: This is a family campground. so PLEASE be mindful of that. Aka if you need to smoke that good good, blaze that green grass, or achieve new heights; please do it in a non-public area. THIS ALSO means that after 11 o'clock the campground expects us to keep the noise level down as there are families and kinderlach trying to sleep. This does not mean we can't chill, but we need to be actively quieter after 11. So PLEASE after 11, please be mindful of noise. I do not like having to shush people lol.

  • Lastly, the reason I can keep this trip relatively inexpensive as compared to other shabbatons / trips (usually around $300+ a person) is because I work very hard to keep costs down. We also don’t officially hire anyone to serve or clean up. So please, if everyone can offer a hand, help clean up, throw garbage out, throw your plate or cup out, and be mindful of that - it’s really appreciated and helps things move smoothly. 


       If there are any concerns or other questions, PLEASE feel free to reach out to me

(Eli Siebzener (847) 708-1192 or

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